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Open: 8 pm to 11 pm
Location: 1F, West Miyabitei

Aesthetics reputedly got its start when Egypt began developing perfume 5,000 years ago. Cleopatra, one of the world’s most beautiful women, used perfume habitually. Now aromatherapy has spread around the world.


The hot spring at Kokuya is a “beauty spring” containing sulphate salts, which are highly effective in promoting beautiful skin. By all means, heal your mind and body through the synergy of our hot springs and aesthetics.
The aesthetic content centers on the “beautiful skin pack” from spring to summer, and the “moisturizing pack” from autumn to winter. Refresh both mind and body with the aroma of the green floral tones from a Provencal Blue mixture.


The prices below are all tax-inclusive.

Course name Minutes Price (\)
Green floral aesthetic 60 10,500 Facial + footcare
Anti-aging aesthetic 90 13,000 Decollete + foot care
Couple body care aroma aesthetic course 60 16,000 Applications from two
Eye care aesthetic course 15 2,500  
Men’s aesthetic 30 5,500  
Facial aesthetic 30 3,800  
Decollete aesthetic 60 6,300  
Body care (back) aroma aesthetic 40 8,400  
Footcare aroma aesthetic 40 6,800  
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