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Kokuya is a long-established Japanese inn located at the heart of the hot spring district in Ikaho, Gunma prefecture. Founded in 1912, the Kokuya Inn lies at the source of the golden waters of the Ikaho hot springs. Kokuya is proud of the water that flows from the source and the “Yusan tea ceremony” cuisine created by the head chef. On arrival at the lobby, the customer is welcomed with the sound of the koto (Japanese harp). The lodgings are just one-minute’s walk from Ikaho’s famous stone steps. In October 2006, Kokuya opened Yusantei. Its facilities include rooms with open-air baths and twin rooms furnished with Asian tastes in modern Japanese styles. Kokuya has worked to create new attractions.

Kokuya    52 Ikaho, Ikaho-machi, Shibukawa-shi, Gunma prefecture 377-0102
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