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Private open-air bath, stylish yukata (light cotton kimono) rental,
and experience classroom...
We have prepared a range of readily upgradeable option services to help you enjoy your trip.
Please feel free to try them.


Reservations: Front desk (extension 9)
Please book personal experience classes up to one day before the class.


[Private open-air bath]

Why not have the golden waters of Ikaho hot spring all to yourself? Reserve the open-air bath on the sixth floor of the east Miyabitei. On a fine day you can see Mt. Tanigawa from the Mikuni mountain range.
Period of use: 50 minutes per group
Price: \2,100 (tax-inclusive)
Open: 2 pm to 2 am; 7 am to 10 am


[Late check-out]

Rising early is not your strong point. Contact us early about a late check-out. The standard check-out time of 10.00 am can be extended for a maximum of two hours.
* Standard room One-hour extension per guest
Price: \1,050 (tax-inclusive)
* Room with open-air bath One-hour extension per guest
Price: \2,100 (tax-inclusive)

[Stylish yukata (light cotton kimono) rental]

Why not venture out along streets of stone steps redolent of the Showa era, dressed in a stylish yukata? We have more than 20 kinds of yukata in our lobby, where you can choose the design and color that you like.
Rental: \1,050 per yukata (tax inclusive)


[Karaoke corner (“My room”)]

Open: 8 pm to late night
Price: \3,150 per guest (includes unlimited oolong tea, whisky, and Japanese shochu liquor)
Please make an early reservation if your party comprises 10 persons or more.


[Aesthetic corner]

Be sure to try our wide range of facial, foot, d?collet?, and men’s aesthetics in our aesthetic room, named “B-ing” (“B” is for beauty). The aesthetic area is in the first-floor basement of west Miyabitei.


[Dandan Japanese restaurant]

Open from 10 pm to midnight. Please use this for informal post-meeting get-togethers. After enjoying a drink, please try our special Kokuya Ramen noodles (\850) and our renowned Ikaho Dandan Tofu.


[Vending machine corner]

Beer, cocktails, milk, Yakult, and other drinks are available at the Daiyokujo large bath rest area on the sixth floor of the East Miyabitei building. All kinds of soft drinks are available at the vending machine corner in the passage leading from the first-floor basement of the East Miyabitei to the West Miyabitei.



Open from 7 am to 9 pm. How about a cup of freshly ground, drip-filter coffee?
* Coffee: \500
* Tea: \500
*Juice: \300


[Special Services]

Decorative cake

If you ask beforehand or as you check in, we will provide a birthday or anniversary cake in your room during or after your evening meal. A 15 cm cake is \2,500. Please contact us about the size you require.


Assorted fresh fruit basket

How about an assorted seasonal fruit basket in your room? We can prepare one for you from \2,100.


[Experience class]

Making silk crepe accessories

ُHow about making silk crepe accessories with Kokuya Inn employees? You can experience making accessories with silk crepe for around two hours every Monday from 10 am.
Price: \2,100 (coffee or tea included)



How about experiencing the creation of glass handicrafts
in the Glass Art Museum?

Experience making glass clay, painting glass, and making colored stone and silver accessories.

Glass clay From \2,000
Glass painting From \600
Silver accessories \2,800
The museum is five minutes by car from the inn. We can drop you off and pick you up.

To book an option, call the front desk on extension 9.
Please book experience classes at the front desk up to one day before the class.

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