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We prepare banquets in response to the individual objectives of the Ikaho Komachi (Beautiful girl of Ikaho) restaurant, Nanae-daki (Seven-fold waterfall) great banquet hall, or Zuiun (Auspicious clouds) banquet hall. Enjoy a dinner party with fine traditional, time-honored Japanese food.

Private salon (“My room”)

A stylish salon where you and your friends can enjoy karaoke in private.
As many as 15 people can use one of these glass-partitioned rooms.


Coffee-tei coffee lounge


  Hananishiki (Flower brocade)
multi-purpose hall
  Hananishiki (Flower brocade) used as a conference hall
Capacity with rectangular seating plan: 30 people
Capacity with classroom-style rows: 50 people
  Hananoren (Flower curtain) souvenir shop   Dandan Japanese restaurant